A clogged drain is one of the most common emergency plumbing Thamesmead problems. The clogged drain can be caused by many factors including hair. Plumbers usually inspect or remove the blockage when this minor issue occurs.

If this happen to your drain, you should check what is causing the clog. A blockage can happen any time, especially when you never check it. Kids may accidentally stuff a toy down the drain and cause clogs too. Other factors include tree roots that stick in the drain and block the waterways.

Another type of emergency is the hot water breaking down duringthe cold, harsh winters and you’re supposed to have a warm bath but it doesn’t work. It’s a common thing that gets very uncomfortable at times. Unless you are not into hot water, this is a major problem. For those who seek comfort, this could mean an emergency situation where you need to think about how to solve it.

Bursting pipes
Another emergency plumbing situation that you need to handle is bursting pipes. Somehow, this is inevitable since anything could happen from a leakage to a damaged or burst pipe. External pipes are prone to weather changes. Could weather could damage the pipe as it can freeze the system and cause too much pressure inside. Hence, an emergency plumber is needed.

Roof leaks
Many things can cause roof leaks. It could be a clogged drain or bad weather. The first thing to do is to turn off the electricity until you find out what is going on with your ceiling. Sometimes the clog makes the water stop and unable to flow. This creates pressure and causes the leak. You should not go up to the roof by yourself but instead seek professional help rather thantrying to fix it on your own, which may result in injury.