Sometimes while dealing with a blocked sink Abbey Wood, you may have to remove the P trap to clean it if it is where the clog took place. There are some P traps that can allow the user to get rid of the clog without having to completely remove the P trap. You should take out the plug, insert the drain stick at that place and push it in the bend of the trap. Before you remove the P trap, you should remove all the standing water found in the sink and place it in a bucket. You should then loosen up the slip nuts that secure the trap on the sink and drain the pipe and its waste line. You have to be careful while removing the trap while allowing the water to enter into the bucket. You should have rubber gloves on so that you can have clean hands and so that you may have better grip if you are removing a trap. You should not let the waste pipe open when you remove the trap. You have to plug it using a wet cloth so that you can prevent the sewer gas from coming into the home. If the clog in the blocked sink Abbey Wood is too far down, you should use an auger. At a tub drain, remove the overflow plate and use the cable to insert it into the overflow line. If it is a shower drain, remove a strainer found within the shower floor and insert the cable within the drain. In a sink drain, you can remove the stopper and you can insert the cable at once or you can use it in a waste line. If you are using an auger, you should move it until you feel that you have reached an obstacle and turn the auger to break the clog.