If you pull the flush and the water fails to drain away easily or is even overflowing from a WC, there is more than likely a block. Lots of times this will be inside the trap itself that is fitted in the pan and is easily cleared. Abbey Wood Plumbers will carry out all plumbing work. Before carrying this out, visually check the flow from other waste pipes to see if the blockage is affecting them too. If it is, then the obstruction will be further down the line. If not, carry on as follows. Use a large plunger for this. Hold it so that the rubber end covers the waste outlet at the base of the pan and pump several times. Once the blockage is clear, the waste water should flow rapidly away it’s all downhill from here. now, if the block does not clear, it will probably be further into the system, in which case, you can hire a large rodding auger to reach further along the pipework. This consists of a flexible rod which is pushed into the pipework. At the top is a handle that operates a claw at the far end. Push the auger down the pipe until it reaches the obstruction. Then turn the handle to dislodge it. If this fails to clear the blockage, it must be further along in the soil pipe and can be sorted with a rod. Soil Pipes can be made from old iron and will rarely have access traps so the rodding out of such pipes may need to be undertaken via the vent, which is the top section on the roof. The access to the vent is really high so if you are not confident to carry this out yourself you call a professional like a Thamesmead Plumber. A large mass of sewage will probably be in the pipe above and this will come out quick. Unscrew it slowly and do your best to contain the result. If the pipework is indoors, lay plenty of plastic sheeting and make provision for clearing up the water.