Boiler issues can affect your house in different ways. These can range from faults within the control system but also within the various parts such as thermostats and timing equipment, not forgetting the actual water carrying valves and pipework associated with them. Of course regular maintenance and servicing regimes can help to halt this process but eventually long time usage will tell. You could decide to do it yourself, however it should be considered very carefully and only undertaken if you are confident. It may be a good idea if you are not, to consider the services of a professional like ( Abbey Wood Plumbers with specialist boiler knowledge). Some of the problems are listed below:1). Property left empty over a long period of time, just like a lot of things, your car perhaps?2). Leaks in pipes and valves causing a pressure drop.3). Corroded pipework and sludge in the system.4). Out of date monitoring equipment such as thermostats.5). Leaking valves either radiator or system.Realistically this list of potential defects could quite easily be longer and would take an amateur precious time to find hence the knowledge and experience of a professional will save the time and effort (which could be for nothing) can be invaluable peace of mind, although at a cost , a trained plumber like a Thamesmead Plumber are able to fault find, diagnose and ultimately repair any plumbing issues that occur. They can also recommend and carry out a regular servicing plan for your system. So if you think you have a boiler problem you can actually walk around the system and visually inspect for things like corrosion, leaks and faulty dials, but strongly consider the services of the professional to do the work, as their work will carry a bone fide guaranteed.