Water leakage past the spindle of a stopcock.After operating a stopcock that has not been used for some time, you will find that when you turn back on the supply, water may leak past the packing gland nut. You could just try to tighten the gland clockwise to see if it works, however tightening this nut applies pressure onto the packing, squeezing it out to form a tight seal this can unfortunately have the effect of making the valve very stiff to operate, and sometimes just tightening the nut is definitely not enough to cure the problem, so you may need to repack the gland. Below is a basic guide for repacking a gland. Abbey Wood Plumbers can re-pack glands for all valves of this type.Repacking a gland:1). Make sure the stopcock you are going to work on is fully off.2) Completely undo the packing gland not by turning anticlockwise until it comes away from the housing and can be slid further up along the spindle. Very little water should come out because you turn the valve off and any water appears will be the result of it draining down from the system.3) With the packing gland nut removed, but a few strands of the PTFE tape around the spindle and push it into the void into which the packing gland nut screws, pressing it down using a small screwdriver.4) Now replace the packing gland nut, tightening it just sufficiently to squeeze the new packing material within the gland.5) Re-open the valve and tighten the packing gland nut until the water stops seeping past the spindle.Should you not feel confident enough to take on this particular task, you can always call the services of a professional like a Thamesmead Plumber who will carry out the work and provide a guarantee.